AmpliconDesign - An interactive web server for the design of high-throughput targeted DNA methylation assays

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M. SchoenungDaniel B. Lipka


Targeted analysis of DNA methylation patterns based on bisulfite-treated genomic DNA (BT-DNA) is considered as a gold-standard for epigenetic biomarker development. Existing software tools facilitate primer design, primer quality control or visualization of primer localization. However, high-throughput design of primers for BT-DNA amplification is hampered by limits in throughput and functionality of existing tools, requiring users to repeatedly perform specific tasks manually. Consequently, the design of PCR primers for BT-DNA remains a tedious and time-consuming process. To bridge this gap, we developed AmpliconDesign, a webserver providing a scalable and user-friendly platform for the design and analysis of targeted DNA methylation studies based on BT-DNA, e.g. deep amplicon bisulfite sequencing (ampBS-seq), EpiTYPER MassArray, or pyrosequencing. Core functionality of the web server includes high-throughput primer design and binding site validation based on in silico bisulfite-converted DNA sequences, prediction of fragmentation patterns for EpiTYPER MassArray, an interactive quality control as well as a streamlined analysis workflow for ampBS-seq. Availability and Implementation: The AmpliconDesign webserver is freely avail...Continue Reading

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