Peptide condensation activity of a neutral protease from Vibrio sp. T1800 (Vimelysin)

Biotechnology and Bioengineering
S KunugiK Oda


Condensation of Cbz-Asp and PheOMe catalyzed by a neutral protease from Vibrio sp. T1800 (Vimelysin: VLN) was studied. VLN showed a relatively higher catalytic activity of condensation and an apparently larger yield after 3 h or 24 h, in comparison with thermolysin (TLN), especially at lower pH and temperatures.VLN showed higher solvent-tolerance than TLN. TLhe apparent highest yield (25%) was obtained in 30% DMSO by using VLN; under similar conditions, TLN gave only about a half of this value. The rate of the condensation reaction per mole of enzyme (v/[E](o)) in DMSO 50% at 37 degrees C and pH 6.5 was 0.16 s(-1) for VLN and 0.047 s(-1) for TLN. In 30% ethanol VLN showed more than three-fold peptide yield than TLN after 5 h reaction. (c) 1997 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Biotechnol Bioeng 53: 387-390, 1997.


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