PMID: 40060Sep 1, 1979

pH changes and the K+ and Na+ concentration in the blood of the coronary vein in experimental myocardial infarct complicated and not complicated by ventricular fibrillation

V I Veksler


It was found that following occlusion of the coronary artery in dogs, the rate of increase in K+ concentration in blood plasma draining directly from the focus of ischemia is greater in cases complicated by ventricular fibrillation. Fibrillation always occurs against the background of a decrease in pH and an increase in the K+ level in blood plasma draining from the focus of ischemia. It is suggested that inhibition of the development of disorders of acid-base and ion equilibrium in the myocardium would be an effective means of preventing ventricular fibrillation in the acute stage of myocardial infarction.

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