PMID: 37990Aug 17, 1979

Pharmacological characterization of perifornical hypothalamic dopamine receptors mediating feeding inhibition in the rat

Brain Research
S F Leibowitz, C Rossakis


Mapping studies with central drug injections in the hungry rat have identified the perifornical lateral hypothalamus as being uniquely sensitive to the feeding suppressive effects of exogenous dopamine, as well as anorexic drugs which release endogenous catecholamines. In the present study, the hypothalamic dopamine-receptive sites mediating this phenomenon were pharmacologically characterized. These sites, studied via direct drug injection into the perifornical hypothalamus of freely moving, brain-cannulated rats, were found to be most responsive to dopamine, in a dose-dependent manner, but were also activated by other catecholamine receptor stimulants, with the order of potency being dopamine greater than apomorphine = epinine greater than norepinephrine. Clinically effective neuroleptic compounds antagonized these dopamine-sensitive sites, apparently in a competitive and stereochemically specific manner. The relative potency of the neuroleptics and structurally related compounds was calculated to be haloperidol greater than fluphenazine greater than chlorpromazine greater than pimozide greater than promazine. The ineffective neuroleptic promethazine, the tricyclic antidepressants imipramine and desipramine, and the antagonis...Continue Reading


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