Pharmacological studies of human erectile tissue: characteristics of spontaneous contractions and alterations in alpha-adrenoceptor responsiveness with age and disease in isolated tissues

British Journal of Pharmacology
G J ChristA Melman


1. The pathophysiology of impotence related to vascular smooth muscle dysfunction in the male corpus cavernosum was studied on human isolated erectile tissue (HET). Studies were conducted on 140 sections of HET obtained from 38 male patients undergoing surgery for implantation of penile prostheses to correct underlying erectile dysfunction. 2. Spontaneous myotonic oscillations were characteristic of greater than 90% of all HET preparations at 37 degrees C. These spontaneous oscillations were markedly attenuated by indomethacin, BW755C, nifedipine, removal of extracellular Ca2+, or lower temperatures (less than or equal to 32 degrees C), but were not sensitive to inhibition by atropine, phentolamine or tetrodotoxin. Our data suggest that the oscillations may, at least in part, result from the generation and/or release of a stable cyclo-oxygenase product and a consequent increase in transmembrane Ca2+ influx. 3. The phenylephrine-induced contractions in HET may be reliably assayed up to 24 h after surgical removal, without significant alterations in the EC50, maximum response (Emax) or slope index of the steady-state concentration-response curve to phenylephrine. 4. The competitive and surmountable nature of the antagonism of phe...Continue Reading


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