DOI: 10.1101/464180Nov 6, 2018Paper

Photoperiod-dependent expression of MicroRNA in Drosophila

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Mirko Pegoraro, Eran Tauber


Like many other insects in temperate regions, Drosophila melanogaster exploits the photoperiod shortening that occurs during the autumn as an important cue to trigger a seasonal response. Flies survives the winter by entering a state of reproductive arrest (diapause), which drives relocation of resources from reproduction to survival. Here, we profiled the expression of microRNA (miRNA) in long and short photoperiods, and identified seven differentially expressed miRNAs (dme-mir-2b, dme-mir-11, dme-mir-34, dme-mir-274, dme-mir-184, dme-mir-184* and dme-mir-285). Misexpression of dme-mir-2b, dme-mir-184 and dme-mir-274 in pigment-dispersing factor-expressing neurons largely disrupted the normal photoperiodic response, suggesting that these miRNAs play functional roles in photoperiodic timing. We also analyzed the targets of photoperiodic miRNA by both computational predication and by Argonaute-1-mediated immunoprecipitation of long- and short-day RNA samples. Together with global transcriptome profiling, our results expand existing data on other Drosophila species, identifying genes and pathways that are differentially regulated in different photoperiods and reproductive status. Our data suggest that post-transcriptional regulat...Continue Reading

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