Nov 19, 2013

Phylo SI: a new genome-wide approach for prokaryotic phylogeny

Nucleic Acids Research
Anton ShifmanSagi Snir


The evolutionary history of all life forms is usually represented as a vertical tree-like process. In prokaryotes, however, the vertical signal is partly obscured by the massive influence of horizontal gene transfer (HGT). The HGT creates widespread discordance between evolutionary histories of different genes as genomes become mosaics of gene histories. Thus, the Tree of Life (TOL) has been questioned as an appropriate representation of the evolution of prokaryotes. Nevertheless a common hypothesis is that prokaryotic evolution is primarily tree-like, and a routine effort is made to place new isolates in their appropriate location in the TOL. Moreover, it appears desirable to exploit non-tree-like evolutionary processes for the task of microbial classification. In this work, we present a novel technique that builds on the straightforward observation that gene order conservation ('synteny') decreases in time as a result of gene mobility. This is particularly true in prokaryotes, mainly due to HGT. Using a 'synteny index' (SI) that measures the average synteny between a pair of genomes, we developed the phylogenetic reconstruction tool 'Phylo SI'. Phylo SI offers several attractive properties such as easy bootstrapping, high sen...Continue Reading

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