Physiology and chemistry of cerebrospinal fluid, aqueous humor and endolymph in Squalus acanthias

The Journal of Experimental Zoology
T H Maren


By means of the appropriate isotopes injected into the spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias, the transfer of all major ions into cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), aqueous humor (A) and endolymph (E) was studied. In addition, the effect of raising pCO2 in sea-water upon HCO3- concentration of these fluids was measured. In the several types of experiments, acetazolamide or methazolamide was used to inhibit completely carbonic anhydrase. The rates of fluid formation and ion transfer in CSF and A were fairly close, but those for E were far slower. The general pattern of ion transport in the three fluids were the same, Na+ (or Na+ + K+ in E) entry greater than Cl - entry, and the difference was HCO3-. The greater rate constants for HCO3-, increase in its entry rate by elevation of pCO2, and inhibition of its appearance by the sulfonamides, show that this is a special case of transport; the ion is formed in secretory cells from gaseous CO2 + OH-. Secretory cells at sites of formation of all the fluids contain both carbonic anhydrase and Na+-K+-ATP-ase, which subserve HCO3- formation and Na+ (or K+) transport. Comparison of these results with studies in mammals show that the vertebrate pattern for secretion of these three fluids is well establis...Continue Reading


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