Pilot study: specific immunotherapy in patients with Papular urticaria by Cimex lectularius.

European Annals of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
R Collado ChagoyaG Velázquez-Sámano


Background. Papular urticaria is a chronic allergic reaction induced by insect bites. In México the most common causative arthropods reported are bed bugs, fleas and mosquitoes. Approximately 70% of people who are bitten by Cimex lectularius experience hypersensitive reactions, papular urticaria, extensive erythema, urticaria, and even anaphylaxis has been reported, Pruritus is the major complaint, impairing quality of life and sleep. Immunotherapy has been used in mosquito bite papular urticaria resulting in improvement of skin lesions and possibly protecting against reactions to subsequent exposures to mosquitoes. Methods. Children, 4-10 years of age, with recurrent papular urticaria due to bedbugs not responsive to multiple treatments were included. An initial allergy assessment included clinical history, skin prick test (SPT), and specific IgE sensitisation was performed to confirmed bedbug sensitization. Twenty children were randomized to receive subcutaneous specific immunotherapy (SSI) with whole body bed bug extract or conventional treatment. The treatment was carried out over twelve months and the response was assessed using the Dermatology Quality of Life Index (DLQ), the immunotherapy satisfaction questionnaire (ESPI...Continue Reading

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