Mar 25, 2020

Clonal propagation of Osyris lanceolata through air layering at Bazawit Hill, Northern Ethiopia. An Endangered, Medicinal and sandal wood Plant in East Africa

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Adugnaw AdmasT. Misge


In the recent years medicinal and other economical important plants are getting attention due to the presence of therapeutically important active contents; however over exploitation and propagation problems are the major concern for conservation of several econmically important plant species. Among economical imprortant plants an attempt has been made to develop a propagation method for African sandalwood (Osyris lanceolata) by air layering approach aiming at providing an alternative propagation technique to the use of seeds or cuttings that germinate or root poorly. Air layers were applied root hormone to the stem branches of Osyris lanceolata (still attached to the plant) during Novmbere 2019, at Bazawit Hill, Nothern Ethiopia at edge of Blue-Nile River from its source at Lake Tana. Root initiation were starts after 12 weeks of the experments.The factors assessed in this experiment were the effect IBA as rooting promoter at three concentrations (0,50, 100 and 150 ppm). From the data collected it was observed 88.8% rooting were achieved from air layers in the mother plants it selef those treated by IBA hormone and the controls not responding root.Making this propagation technique is a viable alternative to the use of seed or c...Continue Reading

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