PMID: 7082257Apr 1, 1982Paper

Post-acceleration chaotic atrial rhythm

Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine
J E Whinnery


Chaotic atrial rhythm has traditionally been a dysrhythmia of the seriously ill elderly patient and commonly associated with pulmonary disease. It has been reported less frequently in young individuals with and without pulmonary disease. An apparently healthy asymptomatic centrifuge subject had reproducible episodes of chaotic atrial rhythm only in the recovery period after exhaustive +Gz simulated aerial combat maneuvering. The underlying mechanism responsible for initiation of chaotic atrial rhythm is unknown, but may be related to distension of atrial tissue. In lung disease with attendant pulmonary hypertension or post +Gz stress with the sudden increase in venous return, the necessary distension of the right atrium can be induced. The prognosis of individuals with chaotic atrial rhythm depends on the severity of the underlying illness and is probably benign in apparently healthy asymptomatic individuals with normal cardiovascular evaluation.

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