Preoperative lanreotide treatment for GH-secreting pituitary adenomas: effect on tumour volume and predictive factors of significant tumour shrinkage

Clinical Endocrinology
T LucasSpanish Multicentre Lanreotide Study Group on Acromegaly


The objective of this open study of 104 patients was to determine whether the somatostatin analogue lanreotide shrinks GH-secreting adenomas and to identify the predictive factors of a significant tumour volume reduction (> 20%). A total of 104 previously untreated and newly diagnosed acromegalic patients received the prolonged release (PR) formulation of lanreotide (lanreotide 30 mg, one intramuscular injection every 10 days) for either 1 (n = 84), 2 (n = 13), or 3 or more (n = 7) months before transsphenoidal surgery. Pituitary tumour volumes, tumour extension grade and possible cavernous sinus invasion were assessed in blinded conditions by a centralized team of radiologists. Factors such as demographics, tumour characteristics, GH and IGF-I levels were evaluated as possible predictive factors of a significant tumour volume reduction. The clinical activity and random GH, IGF-I, IGFBP-3, PRL, TSH, free T4 and lanreotide levels serum concentrations were measured under basal conditions and in the 10 days before surgery. All analyses were done in a centralized laboratory. The tolerability of preoperative PR lanreotide and the surgical outcome at the 6th month after surgery were assessed. The presurgical treatment improved the sy...Continue Reading


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