Feb 1, 1997

Prevalence and time course of microembolic signals in patients with acute stroke. A prospective study

Stroke; a Journal of Cerebral Circulation
U SliwkaJ Noth


Cerebral emboli can be identified by the presence of typical microembolic signals (MES) in transcranial Doppler (TCD) spectral curves. The usefulness of this technique was studied by evaluating the prevalence and time course of MES in patients with acute stroke. In addition, we examined the influence of anticoagulation therapy on the occurrence of MES. Another study objective was to identify the value of MES in elucidation of the underlying pathology of cerebral ischemia in patients with acute stroke. We used bilateral TCD monitoring of the middle cerebral artery to search for microemboli in 100 patients with acute nonhemorrhagic stroke in the anterior circulation. Monitoring time was for 30 minutes at admission (examination I), after 24 hours (examination II), and again after 48 hours (examination III). Twenty-two of the 100 patients had to be excluded from the study after examination 1 because retrospectively they did not fulfill the inclusion criterion or because they had an insufficient bone window. Forty of the patients (51%) showed MES during at least one of the three TCD examinations. In 9 of the 47 patients without MES during examination I (19%), MES could be recorded subsequently during examinations II and III. A stati...Continue Reading

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