DOI: 10.1101/19005967Oct 8, 2019Paper

Problematic Internet Use in Children and Adolescents: Associations with psychiatric disorders and impairment

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Anita RestrepoM. Milham


Objective: Here, we leveraged the ongoing, large-scale Child Mind Institute Healthy Brain Network, a transdiagnostic self-referred, community sample of children and adolescents (ages 5-21), to examine the associations between Problematic Internet Use (PIU) and psychopathology, general impairment, physical health and sleep disturbances. Methods: A total sample of 564 (190 female) participants between the ages of 7-15 (mean = 10.80, SD = 2.16), along with their parents/guardians, completed diagnostic interviews with clinicians, answered a myriad of self-report questionnaires, and underwent physical testing as part of the Healthy Brain Network protocol. Results: PIU was positively associated with depressive disorders (aOR = 2.34; CI: 1.18-4.56; p = .01), the combined subtype of ADHD (aOR = 1.79; CI: 1.08-2.98; p = .02), greater levels of impairment (Standardized Beta = 4.79; CI: 3.21-6.37; p < .01) and increased sleep disturbances (Standardized Beta = 3.01; CI: 0.58-5.45; p = .02), even when accounting for demographic covariates and psychiatric comorbidity. Conclusion: The association between PIU and psychopathology, as well as its impact on impairment and sleep disturbances, highlight the urgent need to gain an understanding of m...Continue Reading

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