PMID: 107914Jan 1, 1978

Prognosis in Rh incompatibility

Archivum Immunologiae Et Therapiae Experimentalis
D Lozińska


The study was done on a material of 300 cases of Rh incompatibility. A relative correlation was found between fetal damage and newborn damage and the titer of antibodies. It was shown that production of anti-Rh antibodies was lower in feto-maternal ABO incompatibility. Coexistence of anti-Rh D antibody with other antibodies of the Rh system worsened the prognosis. Two prognostic tables are presented: one based on a comparison of antibody titers with history data, and the other which was a modification of Liley's method, containing additionally determination of antibodies, which increased the accuracy of prognosis. The best prognosis of fetal damage was obtained using the new pregnostic table and assessing the successive spectrophotometric investigations in the risk zone IIB.

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