PMID: 6445042Apr 10, 1980

Progressive inhibition of the Ca pump and Ca:Ca exchange in sickle red cells

Robert M Bookchin, Virgilio L Lew


Sickle cell anaemia red cells (SS) were reported to have a high Ca content and an increased Ca uptake on deoxygenation, but their Ca-pump activity was described as normal. This seemed puzzling because the saturated Ca-extrusion rate of the normal, high Ca-affinity Ca pump is about 10 mmol per 1 cells per h (refs 3, 4) and the highest sickling-induced Ca influx reported in SS cells and observed in ATP-depleted sickle-trait (SA) red cells never exceeded 0.2 mmol per 1 cells per h. Normal pump performance is, therefore, incompatible with Ca accumulation unless SS cells have abnormally high Ca-binding capacity. We provide here evidence which suggests that SS cells have normal Ca-buffering capacity and probably genetically normal Ca pumps, but that the sickling process causes progressive Ca-pump failure and a marked reduction in Ca:Ca exchange.


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