Dec 1, 1992

Promoter elements of the mouse 21-hydroxylase (Cyp-21) gene involved in cell-selective and cAMP-dependent gene expression

The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
B P Schimmer, K L Parker


Cyp-21 (the mouse steroid 21-hydroxylase gene) is expressed exclusively in cells of the adrenal cortex, is induced by ACTH and cAMP, and is required for corticosteroid synthesis. This review examines the molecular basis for the regulated expression of Cyp-21 in the ACTH-responsive, mouse adrenocortical tumor cell line, Y1. We demonstrate that 330 bp of 5'-flanking DNA from the Cyp-21 gene are sufficient for cell-selective and ACTH-induced expression of Cyp-21, and that this promoter region comprises multiple, closely spaced enhancer elements each of which is required for promoter function. Within this promoter, we define three related elements that contain variations of an AGGTCA motif and that contribute to the cell-selective expression of Cyp-21. Variations of these same AGGTCA-bearing elements are also involved in the expression of Cyp 11a and Cyp 11b in Y1 adrenocortical cells. These elements interact with the same or closely related nuclear proteins found only in steroidogenic cell lines. Taken together, these results suggest that shared elements contribute to the adrenal cell-selective expression of at least three steroidogenic cytochrome P450 genes. The element at -170 and the related elements at -65, -140 and -210 in th...Continue Reading

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