Jan 1, 1976

Proteolytic activity in liver cells from mouse, rat, Ehrlich ascites carcinoma bearing mouse and in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells

E TekavcicD Lebez


The activity of intracellular proteinases from Ehrlich ascites carcinoma bearing mice were compared with that from liver cells of normal mice and rats. The activity of intracellular proteinases was measured in the supernatant of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells homogenate. The activity of intracellular proteinases in normal mouse and normal rat liver were different at pH 3.5, pH 6.0 and pH 7.5. The activity in liver cells from Ehlrich ascites carcinoma bearing mouse at pH 3.5 was not significantly changed from normal mouse or rat liver cells, however at pH 6.0 and pH 7.5 the activity in the affected liver significantly decreased. The proteolytic activity in the supernatant of Ehrlich ascites tumor cell homogenate was 0.110 E750 mmu/mgN at pH 7.5, 0.154 E750 mmu/mgN at pH 3.5. The proteolytic activity at pH 6.0 was not detected in any experiment.

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