Mar 12, 2020

PSP2, a gene encoding RGG-motif protein, is a novel suppressor of clathrin heavy chain deficiency

Debadrita RoyPurusharth I Rajyaguru


Clathrin, made up of the heavy- and light-chains, constitutes one of the most abundant protein in vesicles involved in intracellular protein trafficking and endocytosis. YPR129W, which encodes RGG-motif containing translation repressor was identified as a part of multi-gene construct (SCD6) that suppressed clathrin deficiency. However, the contribution of YPR129W alone in suppressing clathrin deficiency has not been documented. In this study we identify YPR129W as a necessary and sufficient gene in a multigene construct SCD6 that suppresses clathrin deficiency. Importantly, we identify cytoplasmic RGG-motif protein encoding gene PSP2 as a novel suppressor of clathrin deficiency. Three other RGG-motif protein encoding genes SBP1, DED1 and GBP2 do not suppress clathrin deficiency. DHH1, a DEAD-box RNA helicase with translation repression activity also fails to rescue clathrin deficiency. α-factor secretion assay suggests that suppression of clathrin deficiency by SCD6 and PSP2 is not mediated by the rescue of the trans-Golgi network (TGN) protein sorting defect observed in the absence of CHC1. Detailed domain analysis of the two suppressors reveals that the RGG-motif of both Scd6 and Psp2 is important for suppressing clathrin def...Continue Reading

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