PMID: 6512859Dec 5, 1984

Purification and properties of native titin

Journal of Molecular Biology
J TrinickA Whiting


A procedure has been developed for the extraction and purification of the massive myofibrillar protein titin without exposing it to denaturing conditions. The form of the molecule that has been isolated is soluble at high ionic strength and alkaline pH, but precipitates in low salt or at pH values below 7. Sedimentation velocity experiments indicate that titin is a highly asymmetric molecule with a sedimentation coefficient of 13.4 S. This asymmetry is confirmed by electron microscopy of rotary-shadowed specimens, which shows string-like structures of diameter 40 A and lengths up to 8000 A. Significant differences were observed depending on whether the electron microscope specimens were prepared by spraying or by layering of the titin onto a mica substrate; we tentatively attribute these differences to elasticity in the titin, revealed by the high shearing forces that accompany spraying. In accord with this, the circular dichroism spectrum of titin indicates that its secondary structure is largely random coil, a conformation characteristic of elastic proteins such as elastin. Negative staining of titin again shows long string-like structures, but these can now be seen to have an appearance similar to a string of beads, where th...Continue Reading


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