It is Never as Good the Second Time Around: Brain Areas Involved in Salience Processing Habituate During Repeated Drug Cue Exposure in Methamphetamine and Opioid Users

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Hamed EkhtiariM. P. Paulus


Introduction: The brain response to drug-related cues is an important marker in addiction-medicine, however, the temporal dynamics of this response in repeated exposure to the cues are not well known yet. In an fMRI drug cue-reactivity task, the presence of rapid habituation or sensitization was investigated by modeling time and its interaction with condition (drug>neutral) using an initial discovery-sample. Replication of this temporal response was tested in two other clinical populations. Methods: Sixty-five male participants (35.8+-8.4 years-old) with methamphetamine use disorder (MUD) were recruited as the discovery-sample. A linear mixed effects model was used to identify areas with a time-by-condition interaction in the discovery-sample. Replication of these effects was tested in two other samples (29 female with MUD and 22 male with opioid use disorder). The second replication-sample was re-tested within two weeks. Results: In the discovery-sample, clusters within the VMPFC, amygdala and ventral striatum showed both significant condition and condition-by-time interaction with a habituation response for the drug-related cues but not neutral cues. The estimates for the main effects and interactions were generally consisten...Continue Reading

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