DOI: 10.1101/008151Aug 19, 2014Paper

Quantitative genetics and modularity in cranial and mandibular morphology of Calomys expulsus

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Guilherme GarciaGabriel Marroig


Patterns of genetic covariance between characters (represented by the covariance matrix G ) play an important role in morphological evolution, since they interact with the evolutionary forces acting over populations. They are also expected to influence the patterns expressed in their phenotypic counterparts ( P ), because of limits imposed by multiple developmental and functional restrictions on the genotype/phenotype map. We have investigated genetic covariances in the skull and mandible of the vesper mouse ( Calomys expulsus ) in order to estimate the degree of similarity between genetic and phenotypic covariances and its potential roots on developmental and functional factors shaping those integration patterns. We use a classic ad hoc analysis of morphological integration based on current state of art of developmental/functional factors during mammalian ontogeny and also applied a novel methodology that makes use of simulated evolutionary responses. We have obtained P and G that are strongly similar, for both skull and mandible; their similarity is achieved through the spatial and temporal organization of developmental and functional interactions, which are consistently recognized as hypothesis of trait associations in both ...Continue Reading

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