Mar 25, 1976

Quaternary conformational changes in human hemoglobin studied by laser photolysis of carboxyhemoglobin

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
C A Sawicki, Q H Gibson


These experiments indicate that absorbance changes observed at the 425 nm isosbestic point of the Hb and HbCO following laser photolysis of HbCO provide a direct measure of the rates of quaternary conformational changes between rapidly reacting Hb (the immediate product of full photolysis) and slowly reacting normal deoxyhemoglobin. Hb, first observed by Gibson (Gibson, Q.H. (1959) Biochem. J. 71, 293-303), Has been interpreted as deoxyhemoglobin remaining in the liganded quaternary conformation following rapid removal of ligand by a light pulse. In borate buffers between pH 8.4 and 9.6 particularly simple pH-independent results were obtained which allowed the use of a Monod. Wyman, and Changeux model (Monod, J., Wyman, J., and Changeux, J (1965) J. Mol. Biol. 12, 88-118) to fit the data. In this case Hb is taken to be R state deoxyhemoglobin. Partial photolysis experiments at 425 nm show that the rate of the R - T conformational change at 20 degrees decreases by about a factor of 2 for each additional bound ligand. The rate of the ligand-free conformational change is found to be 920 +/- 60s(-1), 6400 +/- 600s(-1), and 15,700 +/- 700(-1) respectively at 3 degrees, 20 degrees, and 30 degrees. The previously uninterpreted effects...Continue Reading

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