Radioimmunoassay of serum deoxycorticosterone: normal values and changes of serum deoxycorticosterone after adrenal stimulation

Zeitschrift Für Klinische Chemie Und Klinische Biochemie
M SchöneshöferH Harendt


A sensitive radioimmunoassay for estimating serum deoxycorticosterone is described which involves descending "overrunning" paper chromatography. An ethanolic paper eluate is used as a solvent for unlabelled deoxycorticosterone in the preparation of the standard curve. The values of the water blanks (7 ng/l) are similar to the sensitivity of the standard curve (5.8 ng/l). The normal mean serum concentration of deoxycorticosterone was found to be 84 +/- 29 ng/l (n = 30) in males and 55 +/- 31 ng/l (n = 35) in females. Serum deoxycorticosterone rose in healthy subjects upon injection of ACTH, after induction of insulin hypoglycemia and after administration of metyrapone, while the rise was absent or blunted in patients with Addison's disease and in patients with pituitary failure.


Jul 1, 1988·Journal of Steroid Biochemistry·K NahoulR Scholler

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