Apr 23, 2020

Early detection of daylength variations with a feedforward circuit co-regulated by circadian rhythm and diel light-dark cycle

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N. PanchyTian Hong


Light-entrained circadian clocks confer rhythmic dynamics of cellular and molecular activities to animals and plants. These intrinsic clocks allow stable anticipations to light-dark (diel) cycles. Many genes in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana are regulated by diel cycles via pathways independent of the clock, suggesting that the integration of circadian and light signals is important for the fitness of plants. Previous studies of light-clock signal integrations have focused on moderate phase adjustment of the two signals. However, dynamical features of integrations across a broad range of phases remain elusive. We recently found that phosphorylation of RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN OF THE SMALL SUBUNIT 6 (RPS6 or eS6) , a ubiquitous post-translational modification across kingdoms, is influenced by the circadian clock and the light-dark (diel) cycle in an opposite manner. In order to understand this striking phenomenon and its underlying information processing capabilities, we built a mathematical model for the eS6-P control circuit. We found that the dynamics of eS6-P can be explained by a feedforward circuit with inputs from both circadian and diel cycles. Furthermore, the early-day response of this circuit with dual rhythmic inputs ...Continue Reading

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