Jan 24, 2002

RanBP1, a velocardiofacial/DiGeorge syndrome candidate gene, is expressed at sites of mesenchymal/epithelial induction

Mechanisms of Development
Thomas Michael MaynardAnthony-Samuel LaMantia


RanBP1, a velocardiofacial syndrome/DiGeorge syndrome candidate gene, is expressed in the frontonasal processes, branchial arches, aortic arches, and limb buds. At these sites, RanBP1 apparently coincides with neural crest-derived mesenchymal cells. In addition, RanBP1 is expressed in the forebrain as well as in hindbrain regions previously associated with crest-derived mesenchymal cells.

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Embryonic Induction
Candidate Disease Gene
Shprintzen Syndrome
Mouse, Inbred ICRC
Nucleolar Proteins
Limb Buds
RanBP1 protein, Xenopus

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