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Range-wide variation in local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity of fitness-related traits in Fagus sylvatica and their implications under climate change

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Homero Garate-EscamillaMarta Benito Garzon


Aim: To better understand and more realistically predict future species distribution ranges, it is critical to account for local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity in populations' responses to climate. This is challenging because local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity are trait-dependent and traits co-vary along climatic gradients, with differential consequences for fitness. Our aim is to quantify local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity of vertical and radial growth, leaf flushing and survival across Fagus sylvatica range and to estimate each trait contribution to explain the species occurrence. Location: Europe Time period: 1995 - 2014; 2070 Major taxa studied: Fagus sylvatica L. Methods: We used vertical and radial growth, flushing phenology and mortality of Fagus sylvatica L. recorded in BeechCOSTe52 (>150,000 trees). Firstly, we performed linear mixed-effect models that related trait variation and co-variation to local adaptation (related to the planted populations' climatic origin) and phenotypic plasticity (accounting for the climate of the plantation), and we made spatial predictions under current and RCP 8.5 climates. Secondly, we combined spatial trait predictions in a linear model to explain the occurrence of...Continue Reading

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