DOI: 10.1101/451559Oct 24, 2018Paper

Rapid, Affordable, Collection and Analysis of Bioaerosol Viral Pathogens (Begomoviruses and Whitefly Vectors)

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Wayne B HunterBailey W. Mitchell


Detection of pathogens is critical to monitoring their distribution and spread, and is a key component in the prediction and management of disease epidemiology. Monitoring for pathogens as bioaerosols requires developing techniques which are sensitive, affordable, and time saving before they will have widespread impact. This approach also overcomes private property issues, which are a major pitfall in monitoring diseases in complex agricultural and urban settings. In this study, we have applied an emerging technology of electrostatic sampling to the detection of an insect-transmitted plant pathogen as a bioaerosol. Where insects aggregate in large numbers, as with whiteflies, leafhoppers, psyllids and honey bees, the pathogen (ie. virus or bacteria) becoming aerosolized as thousands of excreta droplets fall from the plants during feeding. Agricultural systems have not fully measured the ipact of bioaerosols on disease epidemiology. Electrostatic sampling provides a valuable, affordable, method for monitoring for diseases as bioaerosols, which includes plant, animal and human pathogens. This study shows results which successfully used an electrostatic sampling device to collect an aerosolized begomovirus from the air near whitef...Continue Reading

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