Dec 1, 1979

Rare-Cell Fusion Events between Diploid and Haploid Strains of the Sexually Agglutinative Yeast HANSENULA WINGEI

M Crandall, J H Caulton


Diploids of the yeast Hansenula wingei are nonagglutinative and do not form zygotes in mixed cultures with either sexually agglutinative haploid mating type. However, a low frequency of diploid x haploid cell fusions (about 10(-3)) is detectable by prototrophic selection. This frequency of rare diploid x haploid matings is not increased after the diploid culture is induced for sexual agglutination. Therefore, we conclude that genes that repress mating are different from those that repress sexual agglutination.--Six prototrophs isolated from one diploid x haploid cross had an average DNA value (microg DNA per 10(8) cells) of 6.19, compared to 2.53 and 4.35 for the haploid and diploid strains, respectively. Four prototrophs were clearly cell-fusion products because they contained genes from both the diploid and the haploid partners. However, genetic analysis of the prototrophs yielded results inconsistent with triploid meiosis; all six isolates yielded a 2:2 segregation for the mating-type alleles and linked genes.--Mitotic segregation of monosomic (2n-1) cells lacking one homolog of the chromosome carrying the mating-type locus is proposed to explain the rare production of sexually active cells in the diploid cultures. Fusion be...Continue Reading

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