DOI: 10.1101/516930Jan 11, 2019Paper

RBM10 variants and RBM5 involve in alternative splicing of RBM10v1 pre-mRNA: RBM10v1 includes its own exon 4, but RBM10v2 and RBM5 skip it.

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Koji Nishio


RNA binding motif (RBM) proteins, RBM10v1, RBM10v2 and RBM5 have quite similar molecular structures with a high degree of the conserved domains. Alternative splicing of RBM10 pre-mRNA produces the two mRNA variants, RBM10v1 (exon 4-included) and RBM10v2 (exon 4-skipped). RBM10v1 has a 77 amino acids-domain coded by its exon 4, but RBM10v2 lacks it. I explored the alternative splicing of the RBM10 pre-mRNA by the above three RBMs in COS-7, lung adenocarcinoma A549 and differentiated mouse cardiomyocytes H9c2 cells. Firstly, COS-7 and A549 cells express both RBM10v1 and RBM10v2 mRNA variants in contrast to H9c2 cells which express RBM10v2 variant alone. Transfection experiments of RBM10v1, RBM10v2 or RBM5 were performed to examine the alternative splicing of RBM10v1 pre-mRNA in COS-7, A549 and H9c2 cells. The result showed that RBM10v1 includes, by itself, its own exon 4 of the pre-mRNA in contrast to RBM10v2 and RBM5 which exclude the exon 4. The inclusion of the exon 4 seems to be repressed in differentiated H9c2 cells.

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