DOI: 10.1101/326116May 18, 2018Paper

RBPMetaDB: A comprehensive annotation of mouse RNA-Seq datasets with perturbations of RNA-binding proteins

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Jin LiPeng Yu


Abstract: RNA-binding proteins may play a critical role in gene regulation in various diseases or biological processes by controlling post-transcriptional events such as polyadenylation, splicing, and mRNA stabilization via binding activities to RNA molecules. Due to the importance of RNA-binding proteins in gene regulation, a great number of studies have been conducted, resulting in a large amount of RNA-Seq datasets. However, these datasets usually do not have structured organization of metadata, which limits their potentially wide use. To bridge this gap, the metadata of a comprehensive set of publicly available mouse RNA-Seq datasets with perturbed RNA-binding proteins were collected and integrated into a database called RBPMetaDB. This database contains 278 mouse RNA-Seq datasets for a comprehensive list of 163 RNA-binding proteins. These RNA-binding proteins account for only ~10% of all known RNA-binding proteins annotated in Gene Ontology, indicating that most are still unexplored using high-throughput sequencing. This negative information provides a great pool of candidate RNA-binding proteins for biologists to conduct future experimental studies. In addition, we found that DNA-binding activities are significantly enric...Continue Reading

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