Apr 4, 2020

Evolution of cellular diversity in primary motor cortex of human, marmoset monkey, and mouse

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Caiti Smukowski HeilEd S. Lein


The primary motor cortex (M1) is essential for voluntary fine motor control and is functionally conserved across mammals. Using high-throughput transcriptomic and epigenomic profiling of over 450,000 single nuclei in human, marmoset monkey, and mouse, we demonstrate a broadly conserved cellular makeup of this region, whose similarity mirrors evolutionary distance and is consistent between the transcriptome and epigenome. The core conserved molecular identity of neuronal and non-neuronal types allowed the generation of a cross-species consensus cell type classification and inference of conserved cell type properties across species. Despite overall conservation, many species specializations were apparent, including differences in cell type proportions, gene expression, DNA methylation, and chromatin state. Few cell type marker genes were conserved across species, providing a short list of candidate genes and regulatory mechanisms responsible for conserved features of homologous cell types, such as the GABAergic chandelier cells. This consensus transcriptomic classification allowed the Patch-seq identification of layer 5 (L5) corticospinal Betz cells in non-human primate and human and characterization of their highly specialized p...Continue Reading

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