Mar 28, 1998

Regulation of Drosophila Adh promoter switching by an initiator-targeted repression mechanism

The EMBO Journal
B Ren, T Maniatis


The stage-specific expression of the Drosophila alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh) gene is achieved through the alternate activation of two tandem promoters. The proximal promoter is active primarily during late embryonic development and early larval stages, while the distal promoter is active in late third instar larvae and adults. Here, we provide evidence that this Adh promoter switch is regulated by a zinc finger repressor protein (AEF-1) that is expressed predominantly in adult flies and targets the initiator region of the proximal promoter. We propose that AEF-1 plays a critical role in Adh promoter switching by blocking interactions between a component of the general transcription machinery and the initiator region of the proximal promoter.

Mentioned in this Paper

Genes, Insect
Zinc Fingers
ADH protein, Drosophila
Transcription Repressor/Corepressor
Drosophila melanogaster Proteins
Embryonic Development
Repressor Molecules

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