Mar 14, 2003

Regulation of the aerobic respiratory chain in the facultatively aerobic and hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrobaculum oguniense

T NunouraA Uchida


The aerobic respiratory chain of Pyrobaculum oguniense is expressed constitutively even under anaerobic conditions. The membranes of both aerobically and anaerobically grown cells show oxygen consumption activity with NADH as substrate, bovine cytochrome c oxidase activity and TMPD oxidase activity. Spectroscopic analysis and haem analysis of membranes of aerobically grown cells show the presence of cytochrome b(559), cytochrome c(551) and haem Op1 containing cytochrome c oxidase in aerobically and anaerobically grown cells, and haem As containing cytochrome c oxidase in aerobically grown cells. The gene clusters of SoxB-type and SoxM-type haem copper oxidase and cytochrome bc complex have been cloned and sequenced and the regulation of these genes was analysed. The Northern blot analysis indicated that the constitutive transcription of the gene cluster of SoxB-type haem-copper oxidase and cytochrome bc complex is observed under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, and the transcription of the operon of SoxM-type haem-copper oxidase was stimulated under aerobic conditions. Furthermore, the presence of the binding residues for CuA in subunit II of both SoxB- and SoxM-type haem-copper oxidase suggests that these haem-copper oxi...Continue Reading

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