PMID: 6311969Jan 1, 1983Paper

Relationship between type specific antibodies to herpes simplex virus and type specificity in human sera

Journal of Medical Virology
Y Ozaki, T Ishiguro


A quantitative analysis was carried out on the relationship between type specific neutralizing antibodies to herpes simplex virus and the type specificity, using a mutual absorbing procedure. Forty-two samples were selected among human sera, on the basis of type specificity expressed by the value of II/I index. All sera with values of less than 90 of II/I index contained only type 1 specific antibody, while those with values over 111 contained only type 2 specific antibody. When the values were between 90 and 110, type 1 specific antibody was present in all, and type 2 specific antibody was present in some serum samples.


Oct 1, 1969·Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine·A J NahmiasA Duffey

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