Feb 1, 1980

Results of the use of autotransplantation of the intraabdominal testis using microsurgical vascular anastomosis

Journal of Pediatric Surgery
R A MacMahonL J Cussen


This study indicates that where facilities are available, the use of autotransplantation of the intraabdominal testis with microsurgical anastomosis to vessels of the groin is an acceptable, and possibly the best, alternative to orchidectomy for the intraabdominal testis. It is certainly justifiable in the case of the bilateral intraabdominal testis but in the case of the unilateral intraabdominal testis with a normally descended and apparently normal testis in the opposite hemiscrotum, the incresed incidence of neoplasia in intraabdominal testes should be taken into account in the decision on the method of treatment.

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  • References5
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Anatomical Anastomosis
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Neoplasm of Uncertain or Unknown Behavior of Testis
Inguinal Part of Abdomen
Neoplastic Disease
Thymoma, Familial

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