DOI: 10.1101/471151Nov 15, 2018Paper

Reward Modulates Local Field Potentials, Spiking Activity and Spike-Field Coherence in the Primary Motor Cortex

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Junmo AnJoseph T Francis


Reward modulation of the primary motor cortex (M1) could be exploited in developing an autonomously updating brain-machine interface (BMI) based on a reinforcement learning architecture. In order to understand the multifaceted effects of reward on M1 activity, we investigated how neural spiking, oscillatory activities and their functional interactions are modulated by conditioned stimuli related reward expectation. To do so, local field potentials (LFPs) and single-unit/multi-unit activities were recorded simultaneously and bilaterally from M1 cortices while five non-human primates performed cued center-out reaching or grip force tasks either manually using their right arm/hand or observed passively. We found that reward expectation influenced the strength of alpha (8-14 Hz) power, alpha-gamma comodulation, alpha spike-field coherence, and firing rates in general in M1. Furthermore, we found that an increase in alpha-band power was correlated with a decrease in neural spiking activity, that firing rates were highest at the trough of the alpha-band cycle and lowest at the peak of its cycle. These findings imply that alpha oscillations modulated by reward expectation have an influence on spike firing rate and spike timing during ...Continue Reading

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