Feb 16, 2019

RNA 2'-O-Methylation (Nm) Modification in Human Diseases

Dilyana G DimitrovaClément Carré


Nm (2'-O-methylation) is one of the most common modifications in the RNA world. It has the potential to influence the RNA molecules in multiple ways, such as structure, stability, and interactions, and to play a role in various cellular processes from epigenetic gene regulation, through translation to self versus non-self recognition. Yet, building scientific knowledge on the Nm matter has been hampered for a long time by the challenges in detecting and mapping this modification. Today, with the latest advancements in the area, more and more Nm sites are discovered on RNAs (tRNA, rRNA, mRNA, and small non-coding RNA) and linked to normal or pathological conditions. This review aims to synthesize the Nm-associated human diseases known to date and to tackle potential indirect links to some other biological defects.

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Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
Cellular Process
RNA, Untranslated
Transfer RNA
Ribosomal RNA
Recognition (Psychology)
RNA, Messenger
Regulation of Gene Expression, Epigenetic

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