May 20, 1998

RNA-mediated signaling in transcription

Nature Structural Biology
M A Weiss


Structures of phage transcriptional antitermination complexes define novel motifs for recognition of RNA hairpins by arginine-rich peptides. A bent alpha-helix in each case follows the contour of an induced GNRA-like fold. A phage-specific pattern of base pairing, base stacking and base flipping underlies biological specificity and permits engagement with RNA polymerase. The structures suggest a mechanism of RNA-mediated signaling in transcriptional regulation.

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RNA Polymerase II
Transcriptional Regulation
Molecular Helix
DNA-Directed RNA Polymerase
RNA Polymerase Assembly Pathway
Complex (molecular entity)
Transcription, Genetic
Bacteriophage P22
Helix (Snails)

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