DOI: 10.1101/506063Dec 25, 2018Paper

RNA Polymerase II Independent Recruitment of SPT6 at Transcription Start Sites in Arabidopsis

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Chen ChenYuhai Cui


SPT6 is a conserved transcription regulator that is generally viewed as an elongation factor. However, emerging evidence show its potential role in the control of transcription initiation at genic and intragenic promoters. Here we first present the genome-wide occupancy of Arabidopsis SPT6-like (SPT6L) and demonstrate its conserved role in facilitating RNA Polymerase II (RNAPII) occupancy across transcribed genes. Further, we show that SPT6L enrichment is shifted, unexpectedly, from gene body to the transcription starting site (TSS) when its association with RNAPII is disrupted. Finally, we demonstrate that recruitment of SPT6L starts at TSS, and then spreads to the gene body during transcription. These findings refine the mechanisms underlying SPT6L recruitment in transcription and shed light on the role of SPT6L in transcription initiation.

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DNA-Directed RNA Polymerase
Transcription, Genetic
Arabidopsis thaliana <plant>
Transcriptional Regulation
Transcription Initiation
Body Structure

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