PMID: 7023225Aug 1, 1981Paper

Role of blood platelets and prostaglandins in coronary artery disease

The American Journal of Cardiology
J Mehta, P Mehta


In the last decade, several studies evaluating blood platelet function in patients with coronary heart disease have been reported. Although several platelet function abnormalities such as enhanced platelet aggregation, decreased platelet survival and increase in platelet release reaction in the stable condition and during stress in patients with myocardial ischemia have been recognized, the mechanism of these abnormalities is just beginning to be understood. Discovery of certain platelet and endothelium-generated prostaglandins has provided some information as to the possible mechanism of platelet dysfunction. Abnormalities of prostaglandin production and platelet sensitivity to various prostaglandins may have an important bearing on the enhanced platelet aggregation in vivo, genesis of atherosclerosis and probably precipitation of acute ischemic events. Since the discovery of these prostaglandins, the precise mode of action of several commonly used platelet-active drugs has been clarified. Development of new drugs acting at selective steps in the prostaglandin pathways may provide some exciting novel therapeutic procedures in patients with coronary heart disease.


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