DOI: 10.1101/484972Dec 3, 2018Paper

Role of Physicochemical Properties of Protein in Modulating the Nanoparticle-Bio interface

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Sunandan DharDhirendra Katti


Nanoparticles, on exposure to the biological milieu, tend to interact with macromolecules to form a biomolecular corona. The biomolecular corona confers a unique biological identity to nanoparticles, and its protein composition plays a deterministic role in the biological fate of nanoparticles. The physiological behavior of proteins stems from their physicochemical aspects including surface charge, hydrophobicity, and structural stability. However, there is insufficient understanding about the role of physicochemical properties of proteins in biomolecular corona formation. We hypothesized that the physicochemical properties of proteins would influence their interaction with nanoparticles and have a deterministic effect on nanoparticle-cell interactions. To test our hypothesis, we used model proteins from different structural classes to understand the effect of secondary structure elements of proteins on the nanoparticle-protein interface. Further, we modified the surface of proteins to study the role of protein surface characteristics in governing the nanoparticle-protein interface. For this study, we used mesoporous silica nanoparticles as a model nanoparticle system. We observed that the surface charge of proteins governs the...Continue Reading

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