PMID: 6987981Feb 1, 1980Paper

Safety of modern contraceptive technology. Current status

Australian Family Physician
S K Khoo


The introduction of the oral steroid pill and the intrauterine device represents an improved, effective and acceptable means of regulating fertility, but this has been tempered by concern over their safety. Although the Pill frequently is associated with minor side effects, serious complications are rare. The issues of greatest concern are the relationship to carcinogenesis, for which there is no evidence of greater risk in general, and that to the circulatory system diseases, with evidence to indicate an increased risk, albeit relatively small, but more particularly in older women who smoke. The device, although frequently not tolerated because of pain and bleeding, very rarely carries the risk of serious consequences, and its relationship to infection, both in early pregnancy and in the oviduct, is yet to be resolved. The benefits derived from these methods should not go unnoticed, through providing the woman with a freedom from fear of pregnancy previously not possible.

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