Salmonella Phage cocktail, its effects and benefits on the gut of chickens in a commercial farm.

Viviana ClavijoAlejandro Reyes


BackgroundThe microbiota of broiler chicken gut affects positively or negatively the health, metabolism and immunity of chickens thus it has a significant impact on the animal productivity. Phages, host-specific parasites of bacterial cells, are a promising antimicrobial alternative that selectively target pathogens without disturbing the microbiota. The aim of the study is further characterizing the behaviour of phages and its effect on the commensal microbial community.MethodsWe used 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing to evaluate the effect of SalmoFree® (a phage cocktail against Salmonella) on the microbiota of the cecum of broilers reared in a commercial farming system. Two field trials were carried out including 2 control and 2 experimental houses. Phages were incorporated in the broilers’ drinking water using three doses at the grower stage. The core microbiome, differentially abundant taxa between treatments as well as taxa associated with age were identified using Qiime2 and the R-Project for statistics.ResultsAnalyses of similarities among communities over time allowed us to identify two stages of microbiota development at the last stage of the production cycle. The core microbiome identified some key species in the ada...Continue Reading

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