DOI: 10.1101/491001Dec 8, 2018Paper

Salmonid gene expression biomarkers indicative of physiological responses to changes in salinity, temperature, but not dissolved oxygen

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Aimee Lee HoudeKristina M Miller


An organism's ability to respond effectively to environmental change is critical to their survival. Yet, life stage and overall condition can dictate tolerance thresholds to heightened environmental stressors, such that stress may not be equally felt across individuals within a species. Environmental changes can induce transcriptional responses in an organism, some of which reflect generalized responses, and others are highly specific to the type of change being experienced. Thus, if transcriptional biomarkers specific to a heightened environmental stressor, even under multi-stressor impacts, can be identified, the biomarkers could be then applied in natural environments to determine when and where individuals are experiencing such stressors. Here, we validate candidate gill gene expression biomarkers by experimentally challenging juvenile Chinook salmon ( Oncorhynchus tshawytscha ). A sophisticated experimental set-up (four trials) manipulated salinity (freshwater, brackish water, and seawater), temperature (10, 14, and 18°C), and dissolved oxygen (normoxia and hypoxia), in all 18 possible combinations, for up to six days during the pre-smolt, smolt, and de-smolt life stages. In addition, we also describe the changes in juveni...Continue Reading

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