DOI: 10.1101/19013284Nov 29, 2019Paper

Schizophrenia polygenic risk score and cannabis use modify psychosis expression in first episode psychosis patients and population controls

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Diego QuattroneMarta Di Forti


Background Diagnostic categories within the psychosis spectrum are widely used in clinical practice, however psychosis may occur on a continuum. Therefore, we explored whether the continuous distribution of psychotic symptoms across categories is a function of genetic as well as environmental risk factors, such as polygenic risk scores (PRSs) and cannabis use. Methods As part of the EU-GEI study, we genotyped first episode psychosis patients (FEP) and population controls, for whom transdiagnostic dimensions of psychotic symptoms or experiences were generated using item response bi-factor modelling. Linear regression was used, separately in patients and controls, to test the associations between these dimensions and schizophrenia (SZ) PRSs, as well as the combined effect of SZ-PRS and cannabis use on the positive symptom/experience dimensions. Results SZ-PRS was associated with negative (B=0.18; 95%CI 0.03 to 0.34) and positive (B=0.19; 95%CI 0.03 to 0.36) symptom dimensions in 617 FEP, and with all the psychotic experience dimensions in 979 controls. The putative effect of SZ-PRS on either symptom or experience dimensions was of a small magnitude. Cannabis use was additionally associated with the positive dimensions both in FEP...Continue Reading

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