Mar 11, 2006

Semiconservative quasispecies equations for polysomic genomes: the haploid case

Journal of Theoretical Biology
Emmanuel TannenbaumEugene I Shakhnovich


This paper develops the semiconservative quasispecies equations for genomes consisting of an arbitrary number of chromosomes. We assume that the chromosomes are distinguishable, so that we are effectively considering haploid genomes. We derive the quasispecies equations under the assumption of arbitrary lesion repair efficiency, and consider the cases of both random and immortal strand chromosome segregation. We solve the model in the limit of infinite sequence length for the case of the static single fitness peak landscape, where the master genome has a first-order growth rate constant of k>1, and all other genomes have a first-order growth rate constant of 1. If we assume that each chromosome can tolerate an arbitrary number of lesions, so that only one master copy of the strands is necessary for a functional chromosome, then for random chromosome segregation we obtain an equilibrium mean fitness of [equation in text] below the error catastrophe, while for immortal strand co-segregation we obtain kappa (t=infinity)=k[e(-mu(1-lambda/2))+e(-mulambda/2)-1] (N denotes the number of chromosomes, lambda denotes the lesion repair efficiency, and mu is identical with epsilonL, where epsilon is the per base-pair mismatch probability, ...Continue Reading

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