PMID: 6257253May 31, 1980Paper

Serodiagnosis of rotavirus infections in gastroenteritis of infants

Bollettino dell'Istituto sieroterapico milanese
R DeiE De Mayo


We report the use of the line immunoelectroosmophoresis (LIEOP), a modification of the immunoelectroosmophoresis (IEOP), for the serodiagnosis of rotavirus infection, in comparison with the complement fixation test. We tested 17 paired and 29 single sera from hospitalized children affected by acute gastroenteritis; rotavirus had been searched in the stools both by electron microscopy and IEOP. The LIEOP showed seroconversion in all the 11 cases with positive stools and also in 5 out of 5 patients whose stool sample had been negative. Either we had not been able to detect the virus, or there was an intervening (nosocomial) rotavirus infection. All sera which were reactive by complement fixation with bovine rotavirus were also reactive by LIEOP. Some of the sera which reacted by LIEOP, both with the homologous and the heterologous antigen, were negative by complement fixation.

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