Serologic activity of fatty acid dependent antibodies in albumin-free systems

M L BeckW L Bayer


Fatty acid dependent agglutinin (FADA) refers to serum with the special ability to cause agglutination of red blood cells in the presence of certain fatty acids. The agglutinating mechanism is unclear. It has been proposed that the agglutinin reacts with albumin that has been conformationally altered by sodium caprylate and that the immune complex is passively adsorbed onto red blood cells. This report presents data that contradicts the proposal assigning a specific role to albumin in the agglutinating mechanism. FADA were isolated by column chromatography of resolubilized euglobulin preparations. No evidence of contamination with albumin was obtained in those IgM fractions possessing FADA activity. We propose, as an alternative explanation, that the serologic activity of FADA depends upon the interaction of IgM agglutinins with haptenic fatty acids.


Jan 1, 1974·Vox Sanguinis·B Pirofsky, E R Rosner
Jun 1, 1971·American Journal of Clinical Pathology·D W GoldeP V Holland
Jun 1, 1969·Vox Sanguinis·D W GoldeP V Holland


Dec 1, 1977·Vox Sanguinis·V DubeP Adesman

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