DOI: 10.1101/463059Nov 5, 2018Paper

Serological proteomic screening and evaluation of a recombinant egg antigen for the diagnosis of low-intensity infections in endemic area in Brazil

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Vanessa MoraesRafaella Fortini Queiroz Grenfell


Background: Despite decades of employment of control programs, schistosomiasis remains a global public health problem. To further reduce prevalence and intensity of infection, or to achieve the goal of elimination in low-endemic areas, there need to be better diagnostic tools to detect low intensity infections in low-endemic areas as Brazil. The rationale for development of new diagnostic tools is because in low-endemic settings, the standard Kato-Katz diagnostic method loses its sensitivity and misses low intensity infections. To develop new diagnostic tools, we employed a proteomics approach search for biomarkers associated with schistosome-specific immune responses to develop sensitive and specific new methods for immunodiagnosis. Methods and findings: Immunoproteomic analysis was performed on an egg extract of Schistosoma mansoni using pooled sera from infected or non-infected individuals from a low-endemic area of Brazil. Cross reactivity with other helminth parasites was determined using pooled sera from individuals infected with different parasitic helminths. Using this approach we identified 23 spots recognized by schistosome acute and chronic sera samples. To identify immunoreactive spots that are likely glycan epitope...Continue Reading

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